TSM #8 Now Available!

TSM #8 is now available online & in stock around Chicago! Hugging the issue is our first risograph-printed cover designed by Madeline Horwath and printed by Perfectly Acceptable Press.


Letter from the Editors

Hello loyal and disloyal readers,

Another issue you say? What makes this issue any different you say? Well, for one, we have these cool wavy lines goin’ all over the place, that’s neat. But also we have some amazing content. With this issue, feeling somewhat self-reflexive, we decided to look at what we are doing when we write about music. In the first piece, starting on page 4, we collect writing about writing about music from three professional writers. Likewise looking inward, editor Sasha Tycko wrote a very moving piece about how self journey, identity, and queerness are wrapped up in music. Looking outward, into that summery chicagoland, we present the world of Blood Licker, our featured band, follow up by an interview with a new DIY venue called VCR, and an article about autism and music. This issue also features out first risograph printed cover, printed by Perfectly Acceptable Press, and designed by the lovely Madeline Horwath, who also sprinkled this issue with many illustrative illustrations…Of course, some things never change, and we got the usual smattering of amazing lyrics/poetry/shoutouts. And, we again included the photography of Samantha Callahan, because we couldn’t help ourselves.

We are always looking for feedback, and we are always looking for new people to work with, so get in touch if you think you groove with us. We reaffirm DIY. We are here for all ages shows. We are here for affordable shows. We are here for venues that pay musicians. For safer spaces, for marginalized people in positions of power, not just on stage. Art that is for community, not for profit…We can’t control our environment but we can transform it. We do it ourselves because we do it better.

In sickness and in health, 

the editors


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