The Sick Muse 11

The Sick Muse 11 is the first issue of the Sick Muse printed on newsprint, in a run of 5000 copies, and distributed for free. In the spirit of its new format, the theme for this issue is "mass media"--how knowledge and art are produced and circulated. With a cover by Mac Blackout and features on OpenTV, Cordoba, Radius, QTs in Bed, Cqqchifruit and Sasha No Disco, and a free double-sided poster in the centerfold.

The poster for The Sick Muse 10 Release Party. An illustration of a row of colorful houses with green lawns and a blue sky. The text underneath says: Glad Rags, Radiant Devices, MF Foucault, DJ Sasha No Disco. June 22 at Co-Prosperity Sphere. Part of the World's Fair 2018. Food. $8. 8PM

Celebrate The Sick Muse 10 Release!

On the opening night of The World's Fair 2018, join us to celebrate the release of The Sick Muse 10: UTOPIA at the Co-Prosperity Sphere!! With performance by: Glad Rags >>radiant device<< MC Foucault DJ Sasha No Disco + Comedy +TSM-curated art gallery with works by Sarai Redmond, Alex XIII Maerbach, Jordyn Belli, Eliza Karazah, Sustainable Confidence and more! The Sick Muse 10 is centered around the theme of UTOPIA and it is the first magazine-format, glossy af issue printed at 8.5"x11"!! The release is part of the Wo ...