The Sick Muse 9 Cover by Ursula Andreeff

The Sick Muse #9 Now Available!

The Sick Muse #9 was released at a smash of a fashion show/party last Saturday, December 2nd at Archer Beach Haus. No. 9 is housed within covers by Ursula Andreeff and Xander Black, and features:

  • An interview with performance artist Glamhag
  • An exposition of DIY venue bathroom art
  • An interview with Adam Zanolini of Afro-futurist free jazz collective, the Participatory Music Coalition
  • Poetry by Rui Carlos da Cunha and + (“Plus Sign”)
  • An interview with rocknrollers A Million Rich Daughters
  • Lyrics, illustrations, photography && more!

Letter from the Editors

To our loyal and disloyal readers,

People are still making music and art, so we still make this zine to make art and words out of the art and words others make. A regurgitation of sorts. An ordered, tabbed, aligned, italicized, bolded, kerned, edited, paginated, collated, folded, stapled, purchased regurgitation. But we can look at the regurgitation and see beauty in the transformation, sort like the pretty yellows, pinks, and reds one may appreciate after a good puke.

A big thanks to all who took part in the regurgitation; all of this issue’s contributors are amazing. We interview with multifaceted performer Glamhag, discuss bathrooms, taste the memories of a drummer turned poet, get lost in a photograph, read a magical/unmagical poem, interview with Participatory Music Coalition about freedom and music, dig some amazing paintings, as always ingest some wacky lyrics, interview with A Million Rich Daughters, and shout out some dope folks to close it out.

This issue just about marks two years we’ve been at this, and it has been a very fun and humbling experience all around. It is so exciting to realize just how little we can grasp of the relentless commitment to art that takes just in Chciagoland. Stay warm, and see you when the spring thaws out.

In sickness and in health,

the editors

Pick up your copy at any of our stockists, find us tabling at a show, or send us an email to place an order!

Huge thank you to all of our contributors!

Another huge thank you to everyone who participated or came to the fashion show release party! We’ll be posting pics soon!

Flyer by Ben Karas.

From the TSM #9 release party & fashion show on December 2nd. Garment: An Authentic Skidmark x Edaa Birthing. Model: Jesus Hilario. Photo: Eric Sowin.

TITLE lettering by Madeline Horwath

TSM #8 Feat. Blood Licker

Blood Licker was the featured band of TSM #8. If you haven’t heard em’, go take a listen and then come back to read this post.
–> Blood Licker bandcamp

Blood Licker is a duo, a melding of two minds, and possibly…probably…brains. BL’s shows are distilled magic. Seeing them in a concrete building, you’re immediately transported to a forest: you know that below that building’s foundation, there’s fungus, roots, and decomposing plant/buggo matter. BL helps you remember that soil is alive. BL’s Whitney and Mark are the kinds of spirits who reveal things in the shadows, replenish energies, and rock super hard. Also, they love rats; that’s why we did the r thing there, to get that in somehow!

Following are excerpts from Jolene(isha) W/E interview with Blood Licker and lyrics from their 2016 tape Malignant. For the full interview pick up a copy of The Sick Muse #8!


How is the forest connected to Blood Licker?

Observing the divine represented in Nature fuels what we make.  She may be soft or harsh in Her instruction to us.  We take solace in spending time in the woods, listening to the rhythms of birds, wind, animals, and plants.  Much of the material on the demo cassette “Malignant” regards the destructive impact our culture has on Nature, and what actions She may take to exact retribution.  We make a tiny humans’ attempt to show our gratitude and implore chaos.   

Do you think it’s important to be comfortable with eeriness?

We do feel it is important to sit with, experience, and translate fear/terror into sound and performative gesture.  We would not classify this as being comfortable with eeriness, but rather paying close attention to environment and confronting instinctual dread to strengthen empathy and capability to communicate through that dread.  Comfort is never our objective.  Comfort may kill the urgent need to express.  We will never be complacent to the powers and currents we seek to confront.

Do certain feelings have sounds?

Most certainly.  We are intrigued by lending sensation to the opposite sound of what we might immediately imagine a feeling to have – – such as a deadly dangerous soft coo, an ecstatic scream of delight, a plodding drum cadence that induces anxiety, or a tape loop of blistering static that represents calmness.      

What things do you do to capture elements of horror in music?

Come see us play live.


Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.32.05 AM

Lyrics by Blood Licker