The Sick Muse 11

The Sick Muse 11 is the first issue of the Sick Muse printed on newsprint, in a run of 5000 copies, and distributed for free. In the spirit of its new format, the theme for this issue is "mass media"--how knowledge and art are produced and circulated. With a cover by Mac Blackout and features on OpenTV, Cordoba, Radius, QTs in Bed, Cqqchifruit and Sasha No Disco, and a free double-sided poster in the centerfold.

The Sick Muse 9 Cover by Ursula Andreeff

The Sick Muse #9 Now Available!

The Sick Muse #9 was released at a smash of a fashion show/party last Saturday, December 2nd at Archer Beach Haus. No. 9 is housed within covers by Ursula Andreeff and Xander Black, and features: An interview with performance artist Glamhag An exposition of DIY venue bathroom art An interview with Adam Zanolini of Afro-futurist free jazz collective, the Participatory Music Coalition Poetry by Rui Carlos da Cunha and + ("Plus Sign") An interview with rocknrollers A Million Rich Daughters Lyrics, illustrations, photography && more! Letter from the Editors To our loyal and disloyal readers, People are still making music and art, so we still make this zine to ...