Call for submissions to The Sick Muse Fall 2020!

We are now accepting submissions to The Sick Muse Fall 2020. This issue will be an digitally distributed issue. We will keep waiting until it is safe to print and distribute again!

It being fall, or the name others know it by, halloween season, this issue will center on ghosts. Specifically the ghosts of our own creations, the unimaginable and ungainly hauntings of each choice we make, whose impact is often unknown and reverberations unseen. We are asking for stories about a time when you were unexpectedly able to see the unintended consequences of your creative works, the effectual butterflies in motion, big or small, good or bad. Also asking for any poems, lyrics, visual art, or otherwise that attempts to capture ghosts of all ilk, and hovers around the theme of arts ghosties let loose of original intentions and its makers.

Send submissions to

*If you need an extension, send us an email with proposal or what you got so far and we will get back to you!

General info:

The Sick muse is a platform for your experiences related to music/art in Chicago. We accept articles, lyrics, poetry, photography, essays, graphic art, stories, histories, profiles, interviews, comics, love notes, and more! This Winter Issue theme is “Chicago looking out”, connecting local art and perspectives to the rest of the country and world.

-When you send us your submission, please let us know the following info: 1) your name as you want it printed 2) your preferred pronouns 3) the title of your submission 4) any other info you want published such as your website, email, handle, collective or band affiliation, etc.

-We do accept previously published writing. Let us know where it was originally published if that’s the case.

Info for visual art submissions:

-Visual submissions should be submitted in CMYK at 300 dpi or higher.

-Please send files as JPEG or PNG.

-Visual submissions do not need to conform to any particular dimensions but please note that full single page image dimensions are 10” x 10” (wxh) And keep in mind that this will be printed on newsprint.

Info for poetry submissions:

-Please make all line breaks clear and let us know if you have particular formatting notes.

Info for lyrics submissions:

-The lyrics section is near and dear to the Sick Muse heart and appears in every issue since the dawn of our existence. In each issue, the writers of the lyrics hand-write, design, or otherwise illustrate their own lyrics (or ask a friend for an assist). Please join this tradition! Get creative with it. See past examples here [gonna link]!

-Each submission of lyrics gets only one page, so please incorporate the text into the visuals. Full single page dimensions are 10” x 10” (wxh).