As we live our day to day grind in the city, we sometimes miss out on the real, and surreal, beauty that surrounds us. In their new video “some people pray to feel closer to god” oeugons are real take us on a ride through Chicago that lets us sit back and breathe in the artistic wonder and multiple identities embedded in our city. A collage of hand held POV footage from the artist and friends, all set to entrancing mathy rhythms tempered with haunting and sincere post punk vocals and stylizations, the video is the first taste of their upcoming EP, SAY IT AGAIN WITH DIFFERENT WORDS, set for release on April 19. In their words, “As a whole, the EP explores more political themes than previous work, expressing the many frustrations of marginalized communities in Chicago, while highlighting the importance of solidarity and the understanding that we just want to exist. We recognize that though we are far from the first to voice these issues, we are also far from where we feel we should be as a society, hence the title”.

Lyrics to the song are printed in The Sick Muse Issue 11!