A scan of the zine spread of Charles' musical humor. On the lefthand page is the list of music terms. On the left, there is an illustration of a yellow jacket sleeping labelled "Yellow Jacket." Beneath the sleeping yellow jacket there's an illustration of a yellow jacket dancing at a disco and this is labelled "Jazz"

#FromtheVault: Charles Joseph Smith’s Musical Humor [TSM02]



April 2016

Musical Humor

by Charles Joseph Smith

absolute music — Music one loves to listen to.

allemande — Means ‘to the mandate!’

bass — Another word for ‘boss.’

boogie-woogie — The art of shaking.

downbeat — Being off-rhythm.

grand piano — A piano filled with 1,000 bucks inside.

half-note — A very short note; a postcard.

horn — A corn stalk that shouts.

ictus — The itch.

jazz — A sound of a yellow jacket dancing.

kazoo — A point where the magician disappears.

kettledrum — The sound of boiling tea.

note-value — The cost of a note.

organ — A musical liver.

percussion — Cursing with the use of spitting.

recap — Putting the cap on again.

tetrachord — Teetering on a line.

unison — A mnenomic for ‘You in sin.’

viola — A lively woman.

violin — Anything suave.

white key — An angel’s advice.

xenaxis — The center of music in any area, such as Paris.

y — The shape of an eighth-rest.

yodel — A model that is shaped like an ‘y’.

zither — Running swiftly hither.

Page 21 - Sasha drawing for charles musical humor

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