NNAMDÏ Came Through With The Hot Sauce

Chicago musical polymath NNAMDÏ released his new album BRAT which April 3 on Sooper Records, a masterpiece follow-up to their 2017 DROOL which brought him into the national spotlight, garnering articles on VICE and NPR and landing performances at Pitchfork, Afropunk, and SXSW. “NNAMDÏ came through with the hot sauce.” This first line of the second track on NNAMDÏ’s BRAT does well to describe the sound of this entirely spicy album. Delicious, exciting, novel, and it kicks your ass trying to process all of the dense percussive layering, virtuosic instrumental performance, and lyrical acrobatics. While his last album DROOL cemented a trap and electronica based sound, on BRAT NNAMDÏ ...

The Sick Muse gets some sugar

Happy to announce that The Sick Muse won the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events 2020 IAP grant for $4000. We have some plans cooking for 2020 and very excited to use this money to support the artists. musicians, and writers in Chicago during these difficult times! www.chicagoculturalgrants.org is the official website for the DCASE grants program. Check it out and consider applying to fund your own projects next year!


Accepting Submission for TSM Winter 2020 Issue!

The Sick muse is a platform for your experiences related to music/art in Chicago, exploring how art impacts the city’s culture/politics and vice versa. We accept articles, lyrics, poetry, photography, essays, graphic art, stories, histories, profiles, interviews, comics, love notes, and more! This Winter Issue theme is "Chicago looking out", connecting local art and perspectives to the rest of the country and world. Your work will be printed on newsprint with 5000 copies distributed across Chicago! submit to sickmuse.chi@gmail.com General submissions deadline: Jan 1, 2020 *If you need an extension, send us an email with proposal or what you got so far and we will get back to you ...