Call for Submissions to The Sick Muse #10: UTOPIA!

The 10th issue of the Sick Muse will be our first large-format, glossy af, magazine-style issue. And our first one to have a theme! We have lots more room for content: essays, poetry, photo series, collage art, lyrics, short stories & anything in 2-D that deals with the art, music, diy, chicago, and UTOPIA. Send submissions and questions to: What does UTOPIA mean to you? This issue will be released at the The World's Fair 2018! APRIL 15 APRIL 15 APRIL 15  

The Sick Muse 9 Cover by Ursula Andreeff

The Sick Muse #9 Now Available!

The Sick Muse #9 was released at a smash of a fashion show/party last Saturday, December 2nd at Archer Beach Haus. No. 9 is housed within covers by Ursula Andreeff and Xander Black, and features: An interview with performance artist Glamhag An exposition of DIY venue bathroom art An interview with Adam Zanolini of Afro-futurist free jazz collective, the Participatory Music Coalition Poetry by Rui Carlos da Cunha and + ("Plus Sign") An interview with rocknrollers A Million Rich Daughters Lyrics, illustrations, photography && more! Letter from the Editors To our loyal and disloyal readers, People are still making music and art, so we still make this zine to ...

You’re invited! The Sick Muse #9 Release Party + DIY Fashion Show

THE SICK M-- USE ISSUE #9 RELEASE PARTY ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ Celebrate TWO years and NINE issues of The Sick Muse zine with a fun & glamorous party. We ask for your support as we continue to grow into a sustainable publication that promotes DIY music and art-making as well as dialogue in the written form. ☆ DIY CATWALK CONTEST ☆ Throw on your sickest, punkest, glammest attire and strut to the tune of DIY Chicago. Free to enter, winner takes home a PRIZE! Judged by Glamhag & Rae Bees & Kristopher Fraser ☆ FASHION SHOW ☆ Chi designers will amaze and delight you with a showing of their very own creations! Jupiter XI Apparel Harakaat An Authentic Skid Mark M ...