The Sick Muse 11

The Sick Muse 11 is the first issue of the Sick Muse printed on newsprint, in a run of 5000 copies, and distributed for free. In the spirit of its new format, the theme for this issue is "mass media"--how knowledge and art are produced and circulated. With a cover by Mac Blackout and features on OpenTV, Cordoba, Radius, QTs in Bed, Cqqchifruit and Sasha No Disco, and a free double-sided poster in the centerfold.

Pre-Order TSM 10!

Gahhhhhhh the biggest baddest glossiest issue of the Sick Muse is almost here...and for the first time ever, we're offering a pre-order situation: so follow this link! The Sick Muse 10 is centered around the theme of UTOPIA and will include: an interview with rap duo Mother Nature about becoming hip-hop geniuses an interview with »radiant devices«, Chicago industrial and downtempo electronics wonders a guide to foraging wild life and growing food in Chicago a foto series of queer nightlife by ColectivoMultipolar a timeline of DIY Chicago from 2000-2036 an account of cooperative living and uh, so much more! We don't want to give it all away ;-) Printed on 8.5" x 1 ...

Now in Stock at: Sustain!

  The Sick Muse is now in stock at Sustain, an artist-run gallery and art shop in Uptown. Issue 8 and 9 are currently stocked, with more back issues on the way. We've never looked so pretty. Sustain has a lovely selection of handmade goods and a sick zine/book table. They also run a tape label: Niatsus! They have an open proposal system for their gallery and workshop programming, so hit them up!