The Sick Muse 11

The Sick Muse 11 is the first issue of the Sick Muse printed on newsprint, in a run of 5000 copies, and distributed for free. In the spirit of its new format, the theme for this issue is "mass media"--how knowledge and art are produced and circulated. With a cover by Mac Blackout and features on OpenTV, Cordoba, Radius, QTs in Bed, Cqqchifruit and Sasha No Disco, and a free double-sided poster in the centerfold.


#FromTheVault: TRQPiTECA [TSM06]

#FromTheVault TSM06 December 2016 Interview w/ TRQPiTECA By Kekule Benzene Every month, two DJs curate paradise in Pilsen and call it TRQPiTECA. The decor (blowup palm trees, a sequined beach installation, iridescent streamers, and so much glitter), the lineup of performances (cabaret dancers, drag queens, performance artists, dommes), and the video art displayed on TV screens around the sports bar make TRQPiTECA more than a dance party. It is a sensory experience, it is a community gathering, and it is a DIY show. Kekule Benzene spoke with the creators about queer nightlife, house music and culture, and responsible curation. Cqqchifruit, a.k.a. Jac ...


#FromTheVault: 4 Rock Stars You Didn’t Know Were from Another Dimension: NONZOO, an Exclusive Exposé [TSM05]

#FromTheVault TSM05 October 2016 4 Rock Stars You Didn’t Know Were from Another Dimension: NONZOO, an Exclusive Exposé by Noah Jones The band Nonzoo has slowly integrated themselves into the Chicago music community since March 2016. They may seem like your classic weirdo charming punks, but when Sick Muse investigatory journalist Noah Jones sat down to talk them, he made a shocking discovery. The members of Nonzoo are not people—they are zeople. What’s more, they are not from Earth—they are from the planet Nonzoo. In fact, they are not even from this dimension. I know this sounds incredible but it is all true! They are alien beings, zeople from another mirror unive ...