Preview The Sick Muse #9

Have you gotten your copy of The Sick Muse #9 yet? If not, enjoy this lil preview: Music is "Find Your Way" by Participatory Music Coalition, this issue's featured artist. Copies are available at Quimby's, Reckless Records, Bric-a-Brac Records, Build Coffee, and Hostel Earphoria! You can also order copies to be shipped via our online shop or by emailing

“He helped me understand my father”: Daymaker on Nirvana

Erin Delaney and Egon Schiele of Daymaker. Photo by Isabeaux Santeria. Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love on the cover of Sassy Magazine in 1992. Local rapper and President of Utopia + caught up with DIY stars Erin & Egon of the noise pop band DAYMAKER at Hostel Earphoria's Halloween show The Last Refuge. Featuring a cameo appearance by Cedric Casimier of ZE'EV (and many other projects), this interview is a brief dive into how music changes lives and what makes a band cover another band. Give it a listen: Check out Daymaker (as Daymaker) tonight at Schuba's 100% Off Bands alongside Black Sandwich, Kinobe, & Global Junction! 3159 N Southport, 9 PM. Free. Daymaker as N ...